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Got myself a promo of The Eraser..

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I don't believe that anyone has a promo because I have seen far to many lies to place truth in anyones statement.



i can say for sure the promos have been sent..

ill take a picture of mine..

but im saying pretty sure that this peice of shit is lying to you all

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thanks' date=' but no thanks...im gonna wait. Besides i want the packaging and booklet ect. ect...



One question though....How does it rank against other radiohead albums and/or Bodysong?[/quote']



i would do the same


its an ok computer type classic for sure.

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it's not on any torrent sites or Soulseek


and I talked to KidAAK on aim and he said he didn't have it


radiocoocoo might have the promo but he's not sharing it


and the people at the ateaseweb.com office who have it probably aren't going to leak it

same w/ pitchfork


I'm sure it will surface very soon though

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