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ok what the fuck I'll give it a go




1 Fake Plastic Trees

2 Exit Music

3 Pyramid Song

4 Paranoid Android

5 How To Disappear Completely

6 Let Down






...there you go top 6


mine would be very similar to that, except replace htdc with ideoteque

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i've decided to do it in the end' date=' very hard but:


fake plastic trees

let down

there there

exit music


pyramid song


top 6 like bruises[/quote']



:thumbsup: ...and I agree about it being hard



thankfully we are allowed to listen and love other radiohead songs that are not on our respective lists

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there's no such thing as an "obscure" list in this forum' date=' most people are very aware of all radiohead's songs


an "unpopular" list, if that's what you're driving at, might read something like:


1. we suck young blood

2. bones

3. how do you?

4. citizen insane

5. pulk/pull revolving doors[/quote']



yea probably more along the lines of unpopular. Some people think Sail To The Moon is one of the worst Radiohead songs. And punchdrunk isn't talked about all that much.

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Well, this list always changes but at the moment:


1) Exit Music

2) Paranoid Android

3) Idioteque

4) Polyethylene

5) Kid A live


:icon_indi = how I feel about that list now that I've made it. So many good tracks that deserve to be mentioned but can't cause you only want five... I've just realized that icon is suppoed to mean indifference but it really doesn't look that way if you ask me.


ETA: Ok, I insist on giving Sit Down Stand Up and honorable mention because I'm really into that track right now.

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