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Radiohead and Oasis are collaborating with each other to make the greatest gangsta album of all time. Their album will be called "I'm So Hip That I All Can See Is My Pelvis". Here is Radiohead's new names for the album:


DJ Yorke Coming At Ya From Da North

Big J


Mix Master Colin

Phat Phil



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They're two of my favourite bands too, and I'm not ashamed to like Oasis despite what most Radiohead fans etc may think about them.

One thing I do remember though, is that although there seem to have been a few negative comments flying around, Noel at least has admiration for them. I remember reading in NME or something a while back words to the extent of 'any band that has thom yorke and jonny greenwood can't be bad. i don't mind people sounding like him, its just looking like that (cant remember what went here, something insulting his appearence i think).

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liam is fucking stupid & hilarious, but his style is fucking cool.


Noel: "They seem so pissed off being in a band. That doesn't inspire kids to pick up guitars. They're moaning about the marketing' date=' the videos. If I was 15 I'd think, I'll get a job down the car wash. Whereas us, we love it. It's the best job in the world. Granted, some of the stuff on Amnesiac is brilliant. The Bends is the bollocks. 'Karma Police' is mega. But they don't want people like me to like their music so they can go and fuck themselves."




haha oasis are hilarious..

but actually noel is quite right on what he say in some stuff but sometime he is very wrong, like when he say "They seem so pissed off being in a band. That doesn't inspire kids to pick up guitars."


that's completemy wrong, jonny greenwood is the best guitarist ever, when i look or hear him all i want to do is to take my guitar and do rock'n'roll moving everywhere like a dumb, but when i look noel playing i wanna die even though he is one of the best songwritter in live he is a robot

i love some stuff in oasis that radiohead don't have and i love some stuff in radiohead that oasis don't have, and i think that the new drummer of oasis "zak starkey" (the son of ringo starr > drummer of beatles) is the best ever and phil is quite crappy, but the thing in radiohead is that they were always the same menbers since the begin and they have a fucking feeling that oasis don't have

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