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1. Search for every single topic before you make a new one.

2. Radiohead's lyrics have been compared to 1984. You are not the first to do so. Search for an existing thread.

3. Radiohead will tour when they announce they are touring' date=' in the countries they announce they are touring in. No thread will change this.

4. You are not the first to say Nirvana is better than Radiohead. Search for an existing thread.

5. If you are caucasian and about to make serious racial comments, stop, and join http://www.stormfront.org/forum/

6. If you are any other ethnicity besides caucuasian and about to make serious racial comments, stop, go outside, and beat up a white person.

7. Have you recently discovered Can, or Funkadelic? Join the club. Search for any existing threads.

8. Want to make a poll comparing two uncomparable songs? Chances are it's been done; search for any existing threads. If it has not, there is a reason.

9. Have you finally got over your massive overexerted love for Radiohead? Join the club. Do not attempt to troll the RH sections, it has been before. Search for existing threads, read them, and be satisfied.

10. Are you having an argument and feel you are in the right? You are not. Stop trying so hard.[/quote']



11.) If you are the self-important douche bag who wrote this, do the world a favor and kill yourself.

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isnt the point of an FAQ to have frequently asked questions answered? theyre mostly just rules!



answer me this: What does Mortigi Tempo mean?



they're not rules. more like guidelines to help you on your journey here.



it means killing time.

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29. For God's sake please stop with the coldplay jokes. Please!


30. If you have to quote your own joke' date=' even if it is in the form of a bump, [i']it aint that funny[/i]. In fact, all quoting of oneself smacks of desperation. Just resist the temptation.


i agree, but i just had to give the people what they wanted on that penis thing.

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