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Trying To Know...Band Favourite Songs Of Them

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Given that you're in france I'll let you off for your bad grammar.


Are you trying to ask what each band member's favourite radiohead song is?


Thom once said it was Just some time in 97. Then on another inteview he said it was There There.


When Colin was talking about LSP, he mentioned another song by someone else that had backwards vocals and then said it was his favourite song on the album. I don't know if he meant LSP or the other song.

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ive read that colin loves bones


aye, he says it rocks like a mutha


I think Thom has also says he loves Bulletproof...I wish I was. And he does love Motion Picture Soundtrack, and wanted it to be on OK Computer


Jonny has said his favorite song on Pablo Honey is Blow Out and his favorite song on The Bends is Street Spirit

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Now I'm sure I read somewhere that Radiohead ended up thinking High and Dry was too good for the bends. That must be false memory syndrome though as I also remember reading that the laughed and thought it sounded like a Rod Stewart song.


I think they wrote 'High and dry' before Pablo Honey and thought it was to good for it (They were right). I'm certain I've read that somewhere.

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