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A Reminder Appreciation Thread

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I've seen that doing "Appreciation Thread" of songs is normal here so i do mine : A Remind Appreciation Thread


i actually love that song, soo relaxing, one of my favorite of radiohead, shame they didn't put it on album (ok computer, ya cause this song was recorded at ok computer session) or work it out better (more longer and stuff..) shame they don't play it live to, i really love that song, by the way, does someone have a tab of that song on Guitar Pro 4 or can someone do it please ?


tell what you think of the song. that is what thom yorke says about it :


"That song was written in one of those days off you have on a tour where you literally, all you can do is sit in your hotel room cause there's nothing. It [was] a Sunday, and it's somewhere near Hershey, I got no idea where we were and there was just nothing to do at all. And I had this idea of someone writing a song, sending it to someone and saying, 'If I ever lose it, you just pick up the phone and play me this song back to remind me.'" - (Morning Becomes Eclectic, radio KCRW, Santa Monica, 9 juin 1997.)

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i love this song.This is my 3rd fav. rh song, i think.I love it because i feel like that a lot of.Sometimes you just want to give up.Give up or talk with somebody.But nobody's here to listen you so you write a letter for nothing.I do it...Really.Those letters for nothing.They suck but that's me.The letter is Rasa and her dark side and so called NOTHING one day will come and remind me...

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Thanks rasa, anybody ouls for advice on that great song ? richie ? ol master ? ranger ? someone ? please ?


this song is growing on me quite a lot...

i know the beginning sounds are taken from an airport somewhere... holland i tihnk.


I love the melody, but i don't think it's good enough to be on OKC

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