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Rainy day artwork


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Here's a sketch I did that was influenced by "Planet Telex":




Yeah, I'd normally use imageshack, but it's not working for me right now. Yahoo refuses to display the image at full size for some reason. This makes the quality even worse, which was already bad because the image was taken by a cheap digital camera (a PS2 eyetoy, actually). I've just started really drawing over the last month, so it's a pretty crude looking sketch.


Since it's so blurry, I'll clarify what's happening:


1. The man is running because his wife is dropping his clothes from the window above.

2. In another room, you have a man and women arguing beneath a hung lightbulb.

3. In the corner window, a sullen kid with x's for eyes is pointing a gun at himself.

4. At the bottom, the planet is colliding with another planet.

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Guest Maquiladora
erm non RH stuff...I have lots I thinks. I'll try find some stuff I've done that's interesting.


But RH I plan on doing: 2+2=5' date=' LSP, SttM, Knives Out, Wolf at the Door, A reminder. :thumbsup:[/quote']

awaiting 2+2 anxiously.

do some kind of backwards thing for LSP that'd be very cool. actually, it's not my place to tel you how to do it so just go for it :thumbsup:

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non Rh pic - Nightmare Before Xmas - http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/3218/jackandsally27ye.jpg

My fav. film ^_^



Two and two makes five - http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/3844/twoandtwomakesfive0bi.jpg


Maquiladora Enjoy' date=' this one's for you[/quote']



huzzah! they're wonderful.


just wondering, why did you stop using color?

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