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Motion Picture Soundtrack (From Kid A)

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How to Disappear Completely depressing? I don't think so. I don't see it as a "I'm going to disappear from this cruel world and never come back because I'm not loved" song or anything like that. I see it was more of a "I'm going to disappear into my own world where I can do what I want and never be found and be safe" type of thing.


I think the best Radiohead song to fall asleep to would be The Tourist.


I want that played at my funeral too.

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Did you ever try to fall asleep listenning to Motion Picture Soundtrack ?


no ?


try it



put you'r Kid A cd or mp3 or whatever you want' date=' go in your bed, put the lights off and listen with love to Motion Picture Soundtrack, it's really the best song of radiohead ever to fall asleep, really man! just beautiful..[/quote']



That is SO wierd, because I went to sleep listening to that last night. Although unfortunately it was on my mp3 player, so it hurt my ears after a while... :icon_redf


I don't like leaving my CD player on though- it buzzes and keeps me awake. (How Karma Police was THAT sentence?)

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