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k, i got this mp3 from someone and it has a song on it that i don't know the name of...it starts out "another waste of time". does anyone know the name of it?



alright, last night i sat down and wrote out the words...here's the whole song. anyone know the name?


another waste of time

to hear them telling lies

to be there drunk with wine

until my spirit dies


ohhhhhh (2x)


come to me

release me


i don't know where to go

anywhere would do

a place where i'll be fine

where i don't have to kill time


ohhhhhh (2x)


promise me

let me be

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So I realize it’s been 15 years, but did you ever find out who that was? Because I’ve had that song stuck in my head for a good 20 now.  Or whenever Napster was in its heyday. I downloaded it because someone named it as Radiohead’s “I Might Be Wrong” which it definitely wasn’t. But dammit, that song was great and I just want to hear it again.

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