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I guess it's true. I visited the same site as you and was a bit surprised as well. But Thom's a hot man, isn't he? So is it really a surprise that he has a girlfriend and kids?


Sure, who doesnt wanna marry a 48-yer old strange-eyed small goblin? :thom:


Thoms the man. But Colin is cooler


:colin: :colin: :colin: :colin:

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Most people don't know Thom Yorke from their genitals.

For me' date=' they're one in the same.[/quote']

hey now.


i agree that most people don't know of him. screepod gave me a lovely button with thom on it, and i put it on my bag strap. not a single person has mentioned that they knew who he was. actually, no one has mentioned it at all. which i prefer. i'm not comfortable discussing my fan girlness in public.

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