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Coffee and Cigarettes EP


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Sorry for taking so long, I just listened to it. It's great! I love the vibe that you've given the whole thing, sorta like a late night sad summer beach aesthetic that I really like. I think Tongue Tied and Slow Lane Driver were my favourites but it also feels like something that works best as a cohesive whole. Good job!

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I agree about the cohesiveness aspect, even though the opener and Slow Lane Driver stand out more to me after a few listens. Love your recurring line in the latter. Sometimes I feel like I could... It caught me off guard the first time! I definitely like the mood and sound of this EP.

I drive in the slow lane most times. I will take this EP for a ride, when it's not minus a million with 3 feet of snow. Thanks for sharing, Zach! Happy to see you got your creativity back. ❤️ :smoke_coo

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