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I have acrylic as well. Got a beginner painter's kit as a gift. I also tried watercolor once, and now I tend to want to paint watercolor style with acrylic.
Also every time I am starting a painting project, I realize I should do it more often, because it seems like I either have forgotten what I learnt the last time, or I don't learn from previous mistakes.

I found a little project that will motivate me. It's going to be about cosmos, uh, the flowers, and kittens. For a friend that I can't send pictures to, I mean, unless I print them.

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I got an acrylic set because I lack the patience for watercolor lol

I painted Jiji (the black cat from Kiki's Delivery Service) on a mini easel and sent it to a friend of mine, said friend told me that they really liked it... I hope they were telling the truth.

I keep trying to get the hang of painting poppies.  I'll get there eventually...

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