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Who is still here excited for LP10?


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Do you still have the will and energy left to muster up any excitement for it? Do you anticipate it? 


It's just not there for me anymore. I've been there anticipated each new albums up until AMSP but LP10, I just don't feel it.   You know how it is when we wait for information about a new Radiohead album. Every little thing that comes out of the wood work. We would eat it up regarding a new Radiohead album.


It's gone.  Days gone by.  It's not the same anymore.  Frankly, it's not fun anymore.  It feels sad and lonely actually that we're at the end of Radiohead's lifespan. And it's not really just about LP10 or Radiohead, it's about the community we all shared years and years ago once upon a time for a band we all love and appreciate.


And I hate to see it go away.    I'm not just speaking for Mortigi Tempo or Atease or any other Radiohead forums.   I'm speaking for all forums because it's not just here that is dying.  It is dying everywhere. 


I truly do believe LP10 will be Radiohead's last album. Shit, it would be on a bum note if they ended it on AMSP because that is one hell of a depressing album.


So, make it LP10 and we'll call it a wrap. We've all enjoyed the ride and we've all grown older together loving this band.



LP10 will mark the first Radiohead album where I'm not anticipating it.   Back in 2005, I would work myself up with excitement thinking about LP7.  Dead Air Space.


And that damn 'In The Shed'  post.     And anytime Stanley post something, everyone would go wild with speculation. 


We're coming to the end of the road here.  Radiohead aren't going to make 17 albums so LP10 is a perfect even number.

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I'll still be hella hyped for it, but it feels an awfully long way off at the moment. It'll never be the same as the In Rainbows hype but I'm just grateful to have had an album deliver on such crazy expectations.


The old community has died which is sad but was always inevitable, I guess I'll check the reddit more regularly once the machine starts turning again. I'm just glad it all happened. And new music is still for the win, next up Thom and Ed's solo albums so plenty to feast on.


In terms of when they finish, I'm never really part of the 'this is the last one' brigade. They seem to still enjoy touring. I think age will hit them before any lack of desire.


P.s. we're calling this one LPX folks...

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Yeah I mean maybe it’s cuz I’m younger and haven’t been a fan as long but radiohead is still my all time fave band and their last few albums are my favourite of theirs so as soon as any real developments on LPX come out I’m gonna go back into full on hype mode. I’m already kinda in early hype mode for Thom’s next solo album tbh.

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Yeah I mean maybe it’s cuz I’m younger and haven’t been a fan as long but radiohead is still my all time fave band and their last few albums are my favourite of theirs so as soon as any real developments on LPX come out I’m gonna go back into full on hype mode. I’m already kinda in early hype mode for Thom’s next solo album tbh.

Don't know if you saw but Thom recently said in an interview it was meant to come out last year he just sorta ran out of time. So hopefully once Suspiria properly finishes he can just the up loose ends, worth the marketing and push the button (see you in October then...)

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Yeah I did see that, and I’m hoping that means it’ll be out in the first half of the year since we know in the past him and the band have put out albums within just a few weeks of finishing them. But I’m not holding my breath cuz I get the impression Thom’s not as interested in shaking up the release model as he used to be.

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no lie i feel like i've been in a serious funk ever since the 2016 election - and I mean the whole year of 2016 with all the campaigns and bs flung far and wide, it was just a big depressing clusterfuck.  and everything suffered for that. everything.  everyone i know has been depressed. every social media thing i did went quiet.  bands stopped making music. birds stopped tweeting. turtles stopped turtling.  everything seemed to go into this big cocoon of "wtf has happened and why won't it end?"




i would be very happy to return to a better time and a bunch of nice radiohead albums would make a big difference.

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I think Radiohead is partly to blame for this because of their lack of presence.  In the past, they would always stay connected by posting cryptic and creative things.   They did keep our attention for a couple of long years during the lull between HTTT and In Rainbows and that was pretty fascinating. Whether the album was years away, we had something to keep us busy with but now Radiohead official site is a boring mess.


They aren't even trying anymore. All we have left is Thom complaining about this or that on his twitter account and Stanley promoting whatever art project he has going on his instagram. And it's mostly just more drawings of trees.  He is really milking it.


Digital download killed off the fun of purchasing music. There was something really special about getting into your car and heading out to your local music store and buying an album. 


Now, I can just sit on the toilet and purchase an album over my smart phone. Kid A was the last truly great album purchasing experience for me because it was an event. That was in the fall of 2000.


18 years ago. 

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Radiohead remind me of Mitch McConnel:  They do not care what you think. 

There will be an LP10. Radiohead have given every indication that they will at least reach LP10.

Thom's latest, and Johnny's latest, leave me very excited for LP10. Clearly these guys are on the top of their games.

(Um.....Ed......it's MF 2019. Hello?)

I think LP10 will be gloriously fucked up. I love AMSP. I have not tired of it. They will take elements of AMSP and contort/twist. 

And they won't give a fuck what we think. I love bands that behave that way. 

I can't wait. Early 2021 is my call. They are still waiting for Ed. 

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I haven't been on MT in ages. I like the new look.

I don't necessarily think we're at the end of Radiohead's lifespan - they could have another 10, 15 or 20 years in them, if we're lucky. We could get another three albums from them. Twelve albums like The Beatles would be a good number to go out on (yes, I'm counting Magical Mystery Tour).

They haven't slowed down - they've consistently worked at an almost feverish pace, especially considering their solo projects in addition to their work with Radiohead. A Moon Shaped Pool was incredible, ANIMA was amazing, and their enthusiasm for creativity and music has not waned one iota.

LP10 will feel different than previous album cycles - there are fewer older songs to speculate about. We have our Present Tenses and our Lifts and Man of Wars finally all released.

Here's a speculative, potential tracklist for LP10 - I hope you like the idea. I used the remaining unreleased songs that might have a chance, and song titles from the old blackboard.

Radiohead - Through the Ice

Released October 21, 2021

LP10 by Radiohead, produced by Nigel Godrich

1 - Porous

2 - Follow Me Around

3 - Bodies Laughing

4 - I Lie Awake

5 - Fifths

6 - Come to Your Senses

7 - Skirting on the Surface

8 - I Froze Up

9 - Cut a Hole

10 - Birds of Prey

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Also, this isn't the first time people assumed Radiohead were nearing the end.

There were so many posts in 2008 talking about how Videotape was their goodbye to their fans and they were going to hang it up after the In Rainbows tour. Didn't happen.

During the long wait between TKOL and AMSP, lots of people assumed the band would go their separate ways. Again, it didn't happen.

Five plus years seems to be their standard interval between albums now - so LP10 in 2021, LP11 in 2026, LP12 in 2031 is perfectly plausible.

I won't believe that Radiohead are going to end until I hear it from the band themselves.

If you think this is over, then you're (probably) wrong

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i'm not in a rush to hear it i suppose. my radiohead phases are getting fewer and further between. actually just my enthusiasm for music in general has taken a massive nosedive. interesting that cindy mentioned the 2016 election because that's around when i fully receded into the little bubble of my life and immediate surroundings. i rarely listen to albums i haven't heard before, even more rarely by a band i don't already know i like. maybe two or three a year make it past one spin? it might also just be me getting old and hard to impress.

my prediction is LP10 will be it. the new material is just flowing too slowly and too much of their creative fuel is being diverted into side projects and they as well are getting old. i seriously doubt that their inability to work with one another will ever be a barrier to new material, so they could at any time spontaneously come together to make a new album pretty much until one of them dies. but yeah. it just looks kinda like the well is running dry. i think i'm ok with that possibility. everything ends. i just ask they please finish skirting on the surface and release it in some fashion before they more or less put radiohead behind them.

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Last few years I've been tryna make a playlist of songs that came out that year to help me keep on top of it, this year's had a lot of great stuff but a lotta stuff I felt like I was putting on there coz I felt like I should.

I think you're right about Radiohead, I can see them essentially turning into whatever the hell Pulp are now. It's weird that they've always talked about just making EPs or singles but have never actually embraced that idea fully. I guess they ran the numbers on stuff like Twisted Words and I Want None of This, I dunno, but it feels more appropriate for the kind of band they are now. That said, maybe deep down they just don't view that stuff as 'proper' in the way albums are, I know I don't

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Pulp is still together?  I know they had that reunion tour or whatever, and put out the one song in 2013 (which i didn't even know about until yesterday!) but haven't heard shit about them since

Actually, the only reason i even found out about the new song was because their name showed up on my Spotify Release Radar but it was just some dude calling himself Pulp who had just made a new beat - led me to their page tho

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