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Radiohead Forums/Fansites dying out


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I had a dream last night that made me remember this place. I figured it was gone (and it was for a while, but I see it got revived, and is dying). Radiohead had released a double album, 10 songs per side. Which yeah, should've been the first red flag. 

I only heard bits from songs, cause dreams. The whole album was very electronic, and had almost an EDM vibe. One song even had the four on the flour beat. Yet it all sounded like Radiohead. The expanse in sound made me nostalgic for the 'they did WHAT now?' response to past albums. It somehow worked.

It was filled with lush synths. It still had a bit of melancholy to it, but overall, it was warm, and accepting (I also hate this sentence, look, it sounded great).

I had one song which I could hear more clearly, and kept on repeat for a while cause I loved it so much. I do not recollect if it was the same song, but for one of them the vocal melody was comparable to Thom's cover of 'All For The Best'. I know this reads like a parody post at this point, but sadly it's not. 

The closest thing I have for comparison to how it sounded is maybe certain songs on Soundtracks For The Blind, but it sounded more distinct and fully formed as to be so reductive by describing it like that.

I woke up too early and went back to sleep, but still remembered somewhat when I got out of bed. Found out this place still is up, at least.

So this is the post were 'getting old' Ed O'Brien gets nostalgic about the days were Radiohead albums were an event. Thank you all for the hype days and listening to these. Maybe one day they'll return, who knows, but it was a good one. 

Not being in nostalgic standstill, and even though I found out there was sadly no precog involved here, I hadn't heard Thom's latest solo album, and it's good. 

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On 12/21/2018 at 7:03 AM, cartwheels said:

Have you tried watching scotch mist?

I finally watched the Entanglement webcast, the Thumbs Down webcast, the Scotch Mist webcast and Live in Praha.  Over the last 6 months, whenever I have had time, I have been working on acquiring quality audio recordings of live versions of all tracks from Radiohead, Thom Yorke and Atoms For Peace.  I am also working on listening to the MiniDiscs in order to decide what music I want to keep in my iTunes library.  Today, W.A.S.T.E. hq sent me an email about the Radiohead Public Library.  I'm excited about it and look forward to exploring it when I have time.  I am still very grateful the Radiohead forum is available.  I do have some questions . . . . . . but for now, I will hold off and get to them when I have more time.

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14 hours ago, Nataly® said:

I'm surprised (and let's be honest a bit proud) that they put the Live in Praha video in their Library ^_^

It's possible that . . . . . . I implied that I went to the Radiohead Public Library and watched the Radiohead performances in my post above.  I actually watched Entanglement, Thumbs Down, Scotch Mist and Live In Praha on YouTube.  My post mentions the email about the Radiohead Public Library only because it just happened.  I have not yet checked out the Radiohead Public Library.  I don't have time right now.

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