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Bad R.E.M?

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It’s how he (stipe) talks about mentoring beautiful, young, and very vulnerable rock stars on how to be an even better rock star. And when he said he tried to save Kurt Cobain. Maybe it’s for real but it seems to me like some name dropping too. It’s not about his art or his looks. I still like Thom though and ok he is not really doing the sad guy thing but it is more like anxiety? And I love that about RH, the expression of anxiety.

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This all reminds me of before the net when you had to camp outside the store overnight to get the hot tickets. It was a pain in the ass but you were amongst friends and true fans.

i hate doing this! last time the whole time there was some creepy guy behind me in line tryin to gross/shock humor his line friend or talk abt mandela effect.writing grimes fanfiction in his bedroom vibes


he asked the other guy do you like huey lewis and the news?(edit)

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Wow, your line story sounds traumatic!


Ironic that waiting in line overnight for ticket centers to open came up in this convo, cuz my favorite story about waiting all night in line was my friend's story and she was waiting for REM tix.  She was actually excited to do it, it was her 1st time, and she and her friend were all ready to camp out with a bunch of REM diehards.


But there was a key piece of info she didn't know until she got there... the next morning, REM wasn't the only show going onsale.  Ratt tickets were going onsale too!!  Remember them, the hair metal band Ratt?  They were huge at that moment, so she was in line with quiet nerdy REM fans and LOUD raucous Ratt fans, and let's just say the camping out was NOT what she expected!  


I need to go tell her that I just repeated that story...

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First they banned the trolls, but I was not a troll so I did not speak up.

Then they didn't update the main page, but I only went on the Message Board so I did not speak up.

Then ShortPants/Penny/LinderMang stopped posting, but I hated them so I did not speak up.

Then the emojis stopped working, but I was not an emoji so I did not speak up.


Then they took Mortigi Tempo. but no one could speak up.

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