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Songs you wished they played live more often

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dollars and cents











a couple of more days and we'll start to see some new setlists!! and maybe some periscopes.


calling @Pickled Dog


They play Optimistic quite a bit live.  Poly and Pearly have been on my mind too since listening to the NOTOK disc.

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god I hope not! the 2012 version was amazing.

Ya got damn right. I could have lived without a Lift release if it meant a fully flushed out skirting.


That goes for all the unreleased songs of the past decade vs any of those 90s unreleased.


Skirting/CutAHole/OpentheFloodgates> Lift/ManOWar/I Promise


Fucking fight me. Maybe substitute Floodgates with Wake Me. Still - man up you bitch ass cowards.

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