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what will they play on this tour

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Updated versions of Skirting and Cut A Hole that give insight into where the band are at musically. Hoping they move back towards TKOL - percussion heavy synth grooves. Probs not - always wrong on what direction they go next.


This feels more like a pre-IR tour where they road test a lot of shit.


I’m also still entirely unconvinced that this band released everything from the AMSP sessions.


If I know this band they are sitting on about 10-15 fragmented songs that didn’t work only because Thoms is a scatter brain, Johnny didn’t have some chord progression perfected, and Nigel wanted more atmosphere.


These fuckers are sitting on a gold mine - tip your fucking hand boys and show us the goods.

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oh cool thanks for the reminder!


looks like the chile show was pro shot for broadcast or streaming. but all those videos have been blocked on youtube.  


except this one (so far.)


wtr i love street spirit. it sounds like he's singing souls. i always thought it was soul.


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