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Happy 10th Birthday, In Rainbows!


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What would have been nice would be another run of In Rainbows disc boxes so anyone who missed out first time round (i.e., me) could get one at a reasonable price.

I second that motion...


Radiohead should have done the 10th Anniversary right!


All in favor say 'Aye!'

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yeah listening to IR now i pretty much always skip reckoner, dunno what they were thinking there


really fucking the fans over too, people had been waiting on that for ages. disrespectful imo


I'm so glad that I'm not enough of a fan to know the earlier/live versions of songs. I only know one Reckoner, the one on IR, which I love.


Holy fuck, 10 years!! My search for details of the IR Discbox led me to MT. I was a raving lunatic then. Now, slightly less so. Thank you, 10 years.

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