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Happy 10th Birthday, In Rainbows!


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not even in the top 5!


they RUINED reckoner!



um, no.


You just got accustomed to their early version.

You like that version?  Cool.    Go listen to Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses.  Thats what early Reckoner became.


It's amazing how often obsessed fans shoot themselves in the foot because they get attached to new songs.........even though we all know these are early, rough drafts and inevitably will change when recorded.


I'm guilty of it too.........it happened with Identikit and Present Tense.

Never again though!   haha

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Nah he's right they totally fucked Reckoner



nah, not at all.


it's an entirely different song.

they didn't "ruin" anything.

they just kept the name.


people need to understand that.



the early "reckoner" is cool but it's way better as Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses.

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