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Radiohead Among Top Nominees for the RRHOF 2018 Class


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Not going to get a lot of votes acting like that.


I also don't think the rock and roll hall of fame is currently comparable to an awards show - so he's being kind of a Debbie downer here.


Has he been to the rock and roll hall of fame? I don't think it's as show bizy as he seems to think. I got the sense of a genuine appreciation for music and musicians.


And I seem to recall a certain country making the grand standing claim that the "sun never sets" on their empire - so spare me this British humbleness act.


Reading the associated article - it sounds like Colin is the only one that's got the right of it. Thom and Ed can just relax a little.

rock n roll hall of fame is complete bullshit, though. he's completely right. 

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I don't want Radiohead to win, nor do I like that they were nominated. The rock and (n'?) roll hall of fame, along with award shows/awards in general is kind of lame, for lack of a better word. I do appreciate how the RRHF isn't as reductive and self-congratulatory as many other award shows, but still... Radiohead are too young and too cool for this tripe

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despite their overwhelming enthusiasm for being nominated, Radiohead didn't quite make the cut this time.


congratulations to the memory of nina simone and sister rosetta tharpe.


the other inductees are all worthy too, though i was never a big fan of bon jovi. and i'm not exactly sure why the dire straits made it this time. but whatever.

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they're ok. big in the 80s. good songwriting and musicianship. i saw them in concert. overall a little bland for my taste. but they sold a lot of records. their 1985 album sold like 20 million copies.


i think the bandleader, mark knopfler, is a real musician's musician. he's done a lot of session work and worked with a lot of other artists. even produced a bob dylan album.


they deserve to be in the rrhof as much as anyone.


considering that their first studio album was 1978 and their last was was 1991, and it's 38 years since their most well known record was made in 1978.... then by that schedule radiohead should be inducted in 2031 if they have to wait as long.


but no. they're not better than radiohead. not by a long shot.

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