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Hans Zimmer & Radiohead Bloom Collaboration


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how in the hell has there not been a thread made about this?


i for one am excited to hear it.

Bloom is one of their best songs and to hear that they're re-working it with new vocals and orchestration from Hans Zimmer is very cool.

Especially for Blue Planet II.




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Always thought this was the one Radiohead song that deserved an official alternate version, I just never thought they'd actually do it. But they're breaking all sorts of their conventions this year. Imagining it will be similar to the Macerata version, with strings. Should be ace!

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That reminds me Long Fellow, how was the show? The venue looks amazing and the audio I've heard of the show is spectacular-loved that they played some rarities too.

I saw them once before, at MSG last year, and this was infinitely better. I had a second row seat dead center and the whole thing was like out of a dream. Wandering around that little town halfway across the world on my own, listening to the soundcheck then coming back after dark and settling into my spot, the venue was gorgeous and the whole crowd went completely silent once they started playing. You could hear a pin drop during Nude. The atmosphere was incredible, people were crying, it's just a great memory and I can't help but gush, I'll never forget it. I've seen a good 30 or 40 shows so far and only a couple that I would call life changing/affirming, and this one was right up there.
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Right on, man. Glad you enjoyed it - looks and sounds amazing.


I saw RH in Cuyahoga during the IR tour and even got rail - after basically camping out for 12 hrs before the show in the parking lot with some friends and other fans.


The show was great - but I was more so taken aback by the venue itself. Amphitheater in the woods.


That Italy venue is phenomenal looking. Ancient Roman ruins?

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