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Revisiting TKoL after AMSP


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  1. 1. Has TKoL Changed for you since AMSP's release?

    • Yes, for better
    • Yes, for worse
    • No, Same Shit Different Day

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Eh. I thought it could be something worth discussing. Wouldn't be surprised if I'm dead wrong on this.


For shits and giggles though I do think Dark Side of the Moon is iconic.


It's a good discussion. Sometimes certain perspectives and ideas need to be rehashed, especially on a board like this. We def all fall down certain rabbit holes from time to time. 


You bring up good points, so I always like engaging with you. 


And for the record, Kid A is my fav RH album---basically tied with Amnesiac but if I have to choose just one for the top spot I usually go with Kid A. 


I think I'm sitting at:


Kid Amnesiac







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I've always loved TKOL, so my opinion didn't change for the better or worse after listening to A Moon Shaped Pool. I loved catching up on similarities between the albums though, songs like Codex and Give up the Ghost fit well with Desert Island Disk and The Numbers. Ful stop recalls the intricately layered groovier and more rhythmic half of TKOL, albeit in a colder way. The orchestral instruments utilized in TKOl also reappear in a more prominent way on AMSP, which I was happy about. 

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