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Decks Dark: Good or Great?


Decks Dark:  

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Actually, I've always thought it referred to the deck of the spaceship being dark...


Or the spaceship "blocking out the sky," so the deck of the house is dark...


Just my take.


I thought this too, but wouldn't it be deck's with an apostrophe? like the deck is dark?

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In terms of the songs on the album, it is one of the top songs for me. I always find myself going back for seconds when it ends...It's like, "Nooo!!! It can't be over already! I need to play that again!"  :)


I love the music and that it seems to be almost a continuation of 'Alien' from OKC. The first time I heard it was on the radio when Sirius XMU played all of AMSP when it was released on Mother's Day last year. The station had the song listed as "Desks Dark," but I loved it. :wub:


When I got the album and saw the actual title, I laughed and loved it even more. :lol:


To me, it is a highlight on a great album.

Maybe I love it so much bc SHA is my fav OKC track....hmmm...

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and thom says u run for the back so the deck would be in the back right, decks are usually in back?


but i highly doubt they named a song after the shade of a patio


i hope they ddnt anyway

Honestly, after listening to the song again with the lyrics, I think it really might be about a shadow cast on the backyard/patio/deck/ by a spacecraft. But I think the whole song is metaphorical, maybe about a relationship (rachel?) or about something bigger like government.

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i think this is relaxed album for a few reasons


alphabetical tracklist, nonexistent concept(more relaxed than httt,) and most importantly and most relevant, bad grammar



it's definitely too relaxed for me.

it's a very "mature" album but lacks a little edge.


DD is a good song. Not great in my opinion.

I find it anticlimactic. 


It's a cool little jam.

But, like most of the album, too mellow and heavy in tone.

I mean, KID A is fucking heavy and dark.......but it has sass, it has edge, it's sexy at times.

Most of AMSP songs kind of just float in and float out.

The two biggest, sprawling songs on the album are the first two songs on the album.  

They reach heights that the rest of the album never attains.

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