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Decks Dark: Good or Great?

Decks Dark:  

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i like it so much i am a little mad at them that they didn't play it when i saw them last year



I saw them 3x on the AMSP tour and they didn't play it once!!


I was pretty happy to see Glass Eye tho

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This spaaaaacecraft blocking out the skyyyyy
And there's nowheeeeeeere to hiiiiiide
You run to the bacccccck and you cover your eaaaaaaaaaaaaaars
But it's the loudest sooooooooound you've ever heeeeeeeeeeeeeeard

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I actually had these exact same thoughts when I listened to DD the first time. I got tons of backlash here for saying they were too on the nose. It was that whole spacecraft lyric I think that threw me. I am still coming to terms with that line....but the rest is perfect, especially accompanied by the music. And these lyrics are some of my fav of any Radiohead song:


But it was just a lie, just a lie

Just a lie, just a lie
Even at this angle
And so we crumble
Still turning heads, you know where it's at
This dread still covers us
You gotta be kidding me
The grass grows over me
Your face in the glass, and it's dark now
It was just a laugh, it was just a laugh
It's whatever you say it is
Split infinite


They have really resonated with me lately. 

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Broken hearts make it rain.


Decks Dark sounds like it belongs on The Beatles "Let It Be". It's that damn good.


I can hear Lennon singing "Sweet Times!".



I would pay money to hear Lennon sing the grass grows over me etc.

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In terms of the songs on the album, it is one of the top songs for me. I always find myself going back for seconds when it ends...It's like, "Nooo!!! It can't be over already! I need to play that again!"  :)


I love the music and that it seems to be almost a continuation of 'Alien' from OKC. The first time I heard it was on the radio when Sirius XMU played all of AMSP when it was released on Mother's Day last year. The station had the song listed as "Desks Dark," but I loved it. :wub:


When I got the album and saw the actual title, I laughed and loved it even more. :lol:


To me, it is a highlight on a great album.

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