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OKNOTOK sonic improvements

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Sorry if this has been already discussed somewhere in other places of this message board, but I'm curious to know what, in your opinion, are the most striking sonic differences between the original 1997 version of OK Computer and this new remaster.


I've heard some people say the instruments now sound more "separated" from each other and that it's easier to distinguish what is happening in the mix, but I'm wondering what parts or moments in specific songs have impressed you the most. Here are the biggest differences I've noticed for now:


- the coda in Karma Police (the "for a minute there" part) now sounds more "hollow" with Thom's vocals much more prominent

- Fitter Happier's background sample/loop now seems much more prominent and the robotic voice doesn't seem as dominating as before

- I think it's easier to notice the different guitar arpeggios in "Let Down"

- Pearly* and Palo Alto have slightly different endings (I'm comparing them to the versions in How Am I Driving EP)


Anything else? 

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