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Side A 38:50 and Side B 40:52

Side A:
Zx sprectrum symphony
AMS Hello
True Love Tape Loop
Let Down (Thom 4Track)
I may be paranoid bu tnot an andoroid...
Attention (Thom 4Track)
Noise sketch by Nigel
Climbing up the walls (Abbey Road Strings)
Someone help this guy..
Motion Picture Soundtrack solo piano
Was that recording
The jumbled words of climbing up the walls read by little Dan Clements
Lull (ed guitar infinite reverb)
Airbag Drums through Moog
Karma Police in space echo
Karma Police voice through telephonbe
Piano sketch by Jonny
Bid bird story by Stanley Donwood
No surprises (first idea from soundcheck somewhere)
Radio chaser noise
Fridge Buzz
True Love Space Loop
Are you Someone?

Side B:
Nigel AMS Delay
Jonnys Radio from Climbing up the walls
Climbing up the walls (Thom 4track)
A piano lies down in hte middle of the road
Transposing Noise sketch by Nigel
Early paranoid android version by Jonny and Thom
Alternative Paranoid Android ending live in Pittsburg

Airbag early acoustic version
Paranoid Android Loud Room at St Catherines
Nigel AMS paranoid guitar sample
Nude early band version
The national anthem (Thom 4 track) 
Ambient Loops
Man of War live in Montpellier
Nigel AMS delay again
Thoms acoustic as microphone in Climbing up the Walls
Ok Computer program

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