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Thom + Nigel speak out on Israel. Shit hits big fan.

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too myopic


the background of that website is white while the text is black, this is black and white thinking at its finest


you guys continue to prove my point by your own logic



i mean-  at the very least, you learned a new word.


that's something to take away from this thread.


glad i could help.

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I only check this forum every few days, but can I say that - fuck - a number of the post/er/s in this thread are disappointing.  Maybe dispiriting is a better word.


As for the band - I guess the one thing I was interested in (after it became obvious the Show Was Going To Go On) was whether there was any attempt at all to take advantage of the publicity and hype and make some sort of clear statement in support of (or at least vaguely referencing) the Palestinians.  The answer, nope.  They were just there to play some music.  I guess we'll just have to wait to see how long it takes for the magic to take root and a peaceful solution to flow from that music.  Ah?

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Oh I get it - like "guys it's ok I'm Jewish, I can be anti-Semitic".


Got it. Odd that you used "as a black man" as your basis there. But got it.



keep in mind that snow is the moral authority around here and should never be challenged.

he has all the answers.


albeit, in the form of well, you know.......dim-witted, pithy, adolescent jabs and remarks.

we're lucky to have him.



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Yeah the minute Thom responded he dug a hole and it's been cringe worthy with these damage control responses as well.


Also - the fact (or suggestion) that Radiohead are playing in Israel because a DJ played Creep back in 1993 is just another example of this.


And "why are Radiohead receiving blow back now on going to Israel vs all the others times they went?" is superfluous. Yes roger waters didn't have a come to Allah moment until after 2005, but all that is sort of sidestepping. So whatever.


Just because RH weren't called out last time doesn't make this time any less.

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Trent just did an interview for Vulture and mentioned this which I thought was cute. 


an you tell me who? 
I don’t really want to start a battle. I’ll give you a good counterexample: I appreciate what Radiohead has been doing the last few years. You’re not saturated with stories about them. They’re not in the press constantly talking about stuff. They create an aura that makes you more interested in what they’re doing. That’s a good position to be in versus what I’m doing right now, which I’m sure is ruining people’s impression of me.

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