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it's aging well in my opinion.


it's a confounding album in some ways, especially compared to the rest of their canon.


but it stands on it's own in my opinion.

it's a cool left turn within their trajectory. 



Tkol ain't bad tho

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Amsp may not have too many "peaks" but it is so consistent I think


I think daydreaming might make my top 13 anyways

It's "epic"


i really dont diss on any amsp song, it is actually very consistent i agree, i think its alot better put together than hail to the thief, i make that comparison because i think both productions were relaxed ones


anyways, daydreaming is a strong contender for slow song on my desert island list, but pyramid song will prob never be replaced


perhaps i should elongate my list to 15 tracks



it's actually about rabbit disease.






but what about on a Desert Island Disk?




funny enough, its my favorite song on amsp

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15 step

everything in its right place

burn the witch



planet telex





the tourist

wolf at the door

true love waits

life in a glasshouse


street spirit


blow out

motion picture soundtrack

My opener order was different but those top three are basically all my favorite whenever I am listening to them

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Well, that was OKNOTOK....wait.....WHERE THE FUCK IS MY 2CD OKNOTOK?




same here.

there must've been a delay.

initially it was supposed to be in shops on June 23rd.

then i heard it was July 7.

i figured i should just buy direct from the OKNOTOK website and it would be here before July 7.



who the fuck knows.

Waste told me it's been shipped but there's been no tracking info.


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