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some of you are so insufferable and annoyingly fickle about it all, i'd say you're overhtinking it.


i'm not even an optimist for the most part and....


Lift - Compared to pinkpop this song is a bit slower on the BPM, it slowly marches along nicely and the notes have more space to breathe with the guitars noodling along well, it's a very relaxing version and also raw like how nirvana or pavement used to approach recording live takes, the synths and strings climb a lot more than the pinkpop version here, very nice! It wouldn't have been as exciting to just hear a replica of Pinkpop, but there would be no surprise in that whatsoever, yet is still very close to that marker.


Man Of War - They've outdone themselves on this track. Jonny's guitar playing at it's most potent and the fuzz effect is rather impressive and adventurous. Colin funks through a savage bass groove and Ed's intro guitar also features a mellotron by Jonny. The song has clearly been given an orchestral treatment and this is what gives it an authentic James Bond style feel, there is also a  rolling piano by Thom with lovely vocals band sections. What really stands out here though is the thunderous big-band drums and Live & Let Die or Let it Be influences on the chorus breakdowns, very nice. The tingly outro is quite magical.


I Promise - It's quite a surprise how well this polishes up in the studio, the synths and acoustic guitar conjure images of the stratosphere. It's very Pumpkins "Infinite Sadness" in vibe and feel, has a timeless quality, a marching joy division-esque marching drums and compelling vocals from Thom, this one's a keeper!

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Long time no see guys...

New songs are great, I Promise is the probably the best in that I was expecting dog shit and got a really pretty little song instead. Big Boots is clearly from the Spectre sessions, plus or minus guitar and vox. Vocals I'd have to agree are probably new, and that's ok. The arrangement is a little kitschy in a very Bond way, it's pretty much what I would've expected out of a studio version, not as raw as it could have been but I'm happy with it.

Lift is clearly the least polished. For my money it's always been one of their best, now that it has an official release I won't have to hide it off lists. I don't think it's usurped the pink pop version but it is quite pretty slowed down a bit, I'm glad this version exists. Overall the last year and change has given the fans every pipedream song we've wanted (present tense, burn the witch, tlw, big boots, lift) annd then some.

Good to see you Long Fork!


I really want to hear studio version of Skirting On The Surface. I really love the live version floating around on YouTube - and it's a new(ish) song.


But yeah, all these legendary songs finally getting released is some serious fan service.


The cupboard doesn't seem nearly as full anymore.

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absolutely lovvvvve man of war.  might feel a little 'clean' in the studio but its amazingly well done.  has this song always reminded one of the beatles?  don't know why this version feels really influenced by their sound.  oh and that video is up there with their best imo.

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Also before I forget, potentially massive spoilers, but if there were any doubt that the cassette would be the best thing to come out of this rerelease, take a fucking look at this


Oh boy




Let Down (Acoustic)


Motion Picture Soundtrack (Piano acoustic)

Climbing Up the Walls (Creepy little girl spoken word version)

[Karma Police sketches]

Fitter Happier 2

No Surprises [Acoustic/alternate lyrics]

Talk Show Host (Early version)



Climbing Up the Walls (Trip-hop version)

[Paranoid Android sketches]

Airbag (Barebones version)

Big Ideas (Early version)

The National Anthem (Early version)




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If we ever do anything like this for Kid A, there's SO much material. We had so much time and we did so much recording. For OKC I only had 20 multi-track tapes, so if we didn't like the take I'd record over it, so there's only so much that has survived. - Nigel

See you in 3 years for the Kid A re-issue!

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lol people need to drop this idea that Man Of War has new vocals from AMSP sessions.






Anyway yeah they've been unloading a lot of rare stuff lately.


One that's missing from this era though is Follow Me Around.

surprised it's not part of this anniversary package, it would've fit right in with these songs.

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some of you are so insufferable and annoyingly fickle about it all, i'd say you're overhtinking it.



I feel like statements like this bring more negativity to the thread that someone not liking the songs. Let people have their opinions and mull over these songs.
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Karma Police blatantly copied that chord progression in Sexy Sadie.

It's old news and not a big deal, everyone does that sort of thing to a degree.



Having just heard Man of War for the first time and watched the video i can say the vocals are 100% 90's Thom.   That is NOT current Thom.

Maybe they went back and added strings and some other production stuff but that's 90's Thom vocals.

Same with I Promise......that one is even MORE obvious 90s Thom.


Anyway, it's a really good song, Man of War has some beatles moments too.


Yeah, I did that video, Man Of War for the first time in my life (I know, right?) and my first reaction (after "great song") is "that might be Thom OKC".

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these are old, unreleased songs.


they obviously went back and polished the production.

but there's no way there are new vocals on here, that's fucking stupid, it would defeat the whole purpose of OKC-era songs.

if you have songs from that era with new Thom vocals, then it's not really from that era anymore.


Thom's vocals in Man Of War are really filled out and youthful-sounding in a way that sounds nothing like now.

now he is mostly all highs in the EQ department, he doesn't have the same timbre in the mid to low end in his vocals the way he did in the late 90s.

his vocals nowadays are thinner which is why i think he does so much falsetto's these days.

there are some moments on AMSP where he certainly sounds younger and great but 90s Thom vocals are unmistakable. 


I thought I was fucking crazy for thinking these thoughts. Glad someone else feels the same way.

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Unreleased song roundup 


I Promise - This really captures (along with the video) OKC-era Radiohead perfectly, it has this nostalgic quality to it that I absolutely love and if they had just released this on its bob I would have been more than happy. 


Man of WAR - The first glaring problem for me is the bizarre choice of reverb on the vocal. It's especially noticeable at the start of the track. The song itself would benefit from less bombast, obviously they can't time travel and do the song again, but failing that the remaster could have been handled a bit better. The strings add very little to this, except to accentuate the thin-sounding lead guitar. Basically, not into this one. 


Lift - For the record, Lift is potentially my favourite Radiohead song ever, and the idea of it probably still is. However, this version sounds like multiple things at once. It was rushed, no cohesion, no production quality, clearly abandoned for good reason. I think all the elements are there, but the mix is completely lifeless, and granted this is a mastering job, what can you expect from 20 year-old unreleased songs? Hopefully for them not to sound complete pants at least.


Now back to resuming radio silence...

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What unreleased songs are still outstanding?


Follow Me Around

Come To Your Senses

Cut a Hole

Wake Me



I Froze Up

Open the Floodgates

Skirting on the Surface

I Lie Awake

Riding a Bullet


Also might as well include these TMB tour songs:

Impossible Knots


Not the News


Plus all the ones we haven't heard/got names for.

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