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Vocals sound like present day Thom, but the guitar stuffs definitely feel like old school Radiohead - which is a lot of fun to hear.

My mate said that about I promise too but for some reason I hear old Thom


Anyway...big boots is fucking amazing. Couldn't be happier.

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I dunno how you can hear I Promise and think it's 2017 Thom, it's 90's as fuck!


I'm the fan boy so corrected but ya I don't hear present day thom


Guys this song is perfect tho. Can see why it never made ok computer. Feels like talk show host in its reason for existing

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wow, I never noticed the similarity....

Are you being facetious?


I only ask because I thought Yellow sounding so similar to Lift during the opening riff is well documented.


Just like when Radiohead swiped a Beatles song for karma police.


Was it Sexy Sadie I think?


And I'm only kind of kidding. Not a musician but I have to imagine bits and pieces are going to be replicated every now n again.

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Karma Police blatantly copied that chord progression in Sexy Sadie.

It's old news and not a big deal, everyone does that sort of thing to a degree.



Having just heard Man of War for the first time and watched the video i can say the vocals are 100% 90's Thom.   That is NOT current Thom.

Maybe they went back and added strings and some other production stuff but that's 90's Thom vocals.

Same with I Promise......that one is even MORE obvious 90s Thom.


Anyway, it's a really good song, Man of War has some beatles moments too.

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