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Coachella - 4/14 - Screen Recording and FLAC Audio


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Despite the very obvious technical issues during the first ⅓ of the set, this turned out to be a pretty stellar show (i.e., Street Spirit is amazing!).  Here are some links to the screen recording of the live stream and the separated audio, including intermissions for technical issues, of the show.  Enjoy!


Radiohead Screen Recording - Coachella - 4/14


Radiohead Coachella - FLAC Audio Tracks


With both of these, please mind your speakers/ears beginning with Ful Stop and ending shortly after Let Down!




Intro - Fake Plastic Kiwi Trees

1 Daydreaming

2 Desert Island Disk

3 Ful Stop

4 Airbag

5 15 Step

6 Intermission #1

7The National Anthem

8 Let Down

9 Intermission #2

10 Street Spirit

11 Bloom

12 Identikit

13 Everything In It's Right Place

14 There There

15Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

16 Burn The Witch

17 Idioteque

18 Nude

19 Creep


Encore 1

20 You and Whose Army?

21 No Surprises

22 Paranoid Android

23 Bodysnatchers

24 Karma Police

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their setlists p unpredictable nowadays, they have such a great catalogue at this point. it's also interesting how they seem to really like playing in rainbows songs versus how little they seem to play tkol/httt/amnesiac

I agree with you.  What's amazing to me is how much of their catalog goes together.


I'd love a Radiohead evening (akin to 311 day), where the band played 4-5 hours to really explore that catalog of material.

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