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thom yorke is a sassy little man


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I was watching footage of radioheads latest shows on youtube and could help but have noticed that anytime thom yorke spoke to the audience or said somehting he reminded me of my little sister wtf! like it's uncanny its creepy and shes only 9. like when my mom asks her to clean her room or do her homework she turns into thom fucking yorke! I dunno what it is if it's the hair style or the way of speech but my little sister reminds me of thom yorke its weird. like one time she got somehting in her eye and was kind of squinting a bit and i was just like trippy...

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You should check out some of the comment he made (justifiably so) during Coachella last Friday.  Classic!


Thats the video I was watching!!


She's goes like ''I'll do it whenever mom ugh'' or ''I love you too mom, although not as much as you'd like to think''

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