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In anticipation of seeing Radiohead this Saturday in Atlanta, my first time since TKOL tour, I've spent the last week or so going through listening to albums in their entirety on my commute to and from work.  Was listening to The Bends the other day and lamenting on the fact that I'll be luck to hear even a single song off that album when I see them, made me think, I'd be cool with them playing nothing but songs off that album, which then led me to what I think to be a grand idea.


You know how some bands tour and they'll advertise that they're playing an album in its entirety?  For example I recall hearing that is what U2 is doing this year, playing all of the Joshua Tree at their shows.  Years ago I went to a Lemonheads show where they did the same thing, started at track 1, and played through the entire album.  Now if you like the band and like that particular album it's great, if no to either one of those it can get a bit tedious.


However, this all got me to imagining a perfect world where Radiohead would tour with the treat of playing their entire discography from start to finish.  Let's say for example they started their tour in the Pacific Northwest and headed down the coast.  Shows would go something like this:


Vancouver, B.C.:           Pablo Honey in its entirety

Seattle, WA:                  The Bends in its entirety

Portland, OR:                OK Computer in its entirety

San Francisco, CA:      Kid A in its entirety

Santa Barbara, CA:      Amnesiac in its entirety

Los Angeles, CA:         Hail To The Thief in its entirety

San Diego, CA:            In Rainbows in its entirety

Phoenix, AZ:                The King Of Limbs in its entirety

Denver, CO:                A Moon Shaped Pool in its entirety

Then start again at Pablo Honey in the next city, etc., etc.


So yeah, thinking about it again, I realize that it means the shows would likely be shorter (some just over an hour when you account for time between songs).  Say then that they did the albums and then the encores could be whatever greatest hits from the other albums they chose to play that night.


But just imagine, the hardcore of the hardcore could travel around for a couple weeks and end up having heard every Radiohead song from every album, and hopefully some B-sides during the encores.  I for one would completely be on board for something like this.  I think it would be the most epic live experiment that a band could do!


What do you all think?  Awesome, or crazy?

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