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Naomi Whats

Thomas J - Numbskull - New Album!

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Hey guys! So I just finished up my new album and it's now on Bandcamp!








It's called Numbskull and it has the followings songs on it:


1. Arms

2. I Like To Waste My Time

3. Devils Meet

4. Inside

5. Reduce Speed Now

6. Phone

7. Death Knell

8. Numbskull

9. Good


Obviously any opinions would be greatly appreciated if you have the time to listen to it :)

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Thanks guys ☺️


I'm happy with Arms coz it's a song that's been kicking around for a few years but never got a version I was happy with, I dunno if its still on my soundclick but there was a version with really terrible sounding vocals and saxophone


Death Knell is properly new and it makes me sad to listen to ☹️

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