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Chris Thile, of course the new host of A Prairie Home Companion, did a bluegrass duet of TLW with Aoife O'Donovan on yesterday's show. It's pretty great, and it probably cost them a bundle to get clearance for it. So check it out and support APHC in the process by clicking the link.


A little short on time and don't want to listen to the whole show that features Trey Anastasio, The Staves, and Tig Notaro (brought to you by powdermilk biscuits?) Well then TLW starts at 38:43







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looking for this thread i was a little surprised to see so many search results come up for chris thile, but i guess i shouldn't be. he's really quite the radiohead fan.

i much prefer his duet of true love waits (posted above) to his solo effort. and some of his radiohead covers can be... better than others.

i wish i listened to Live From Here more often. I've pretty much stopped since I got sirius, but i feel guilty about it.

anyway. i was thinking about it tonight. and found this video.

absolutely lovely. i love these duets. they reel him in just the perfect amount. i mean he has a great voice and all, but the ladies really add a depth that he can't reach on his own.

check this one out.


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