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I'm sure this idea has been had many times before but I think that when someone is charged with a bannable offense her or she should be entitled to trial by jury comprised of his or her peers.  I've been thinking about this due to marcos' actions lately in the 90s albums thread, sure he is clearly up to some mischievous stuff, but doesnt even marcos deserve to be presumed innocent (which he isn't) until proven guilty(which he clear is)???  JUDGE ME BY THE LEAST OF MY PEOPLES.  I will even be his attorney because I believe in this so strongly. 

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i'll be your defense




(sorry, from now on i'll use this as a dumpster of aborted posts) 


doubtless has the connotation? 
there is quite a strong subtext going around the place - or has been going around the place for 20,000 years or so - that lack of sexual activity (even more so than sexual repression) is a dequalifiication of proper humanness and ye anything that does anything to offer even the remotest support to this idea is sad and pathetic beyond words 
i love jesus too 

you're taking that phrase too seriously/literally, though.
when i hear "sexually repressed" i don't think of righteous nuns or spiritual leaders (who usually have a relatively low sexual drive anyway?) but people who have been forced to adopt abstinence of tame sex even because they have to keep a façade or appear pious and therefore repress their sexuality vOv
for better or worse there are a lot of religious, political, and academic figures who earn that label


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