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Ed to release solo album


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everyone ASSUMES he has a "marginal role" in the band which i find fucking insulting to him and to the rest of the band.


he doesn't just make weird noises.

he's written a lot of famous sections in songs.


we don't know and probably may never know how much he contributes to the band.

everyone thought Phil just plays drums.........and he releases a solo record that shows he's a strong songwriter as well and surely has a big influence on their music beyond drums.



anyway, i can't wait to hear what he does.

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yeah definitely interested in this


if nothing else because of the general aura of mystery on this guy's contribution to the band beyond additional guitar (i'm not doubting he does more than that/has a substantial role, otherwise they would have probably sacked him long ago or something) in comparison with the others

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whatever he does, i'm sure it'll defy expectations which is pretty much what Radiohead does.......... as well as members' solo projects.


it'll probably sound not like Ed at all.

if it's just his usual ambient, atmospheric stuff that would be cool i suppose but it'd also be trite and disappointing.   for me anyway.


i really don't think he would do that.

there's a side to his musicianship that we haven't seen or heard.

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