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Radiohead - Up = Down

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Radiohead - Up = Down




Side A


Up on the Ladder

Bangers and Mash

4 Minute Warning

These Are My Twisted Words

I Want None of This


Side B

Mk 1

Down is the New Up

Go Slowly

Harry Patch (In Memory of)

Last Flowers to the Hospital



***I put together this "album", because I like albums....

Now this is called Up = Down, and I have mainly flipped the sides of In Rainbows Disk 2. The songs I have added I have made volume adjustments to, so that they fit. I'm tr


These Are My Twisted Words and Harry Patch (In Memory of) was released in 200. :+ I want it here. HP was at a too low volume and I had to reduce the clipping by crossfading the peaks and gently rise the volume. It turned out very good.

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