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will this be the last radiohead lp? odds & sods record

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LP10 is a good even number to end on if RH ever decides to quit so we have that insurance at least.


And I do feel like RH is pushing for LP10 to be a grand scale, for-the-fan, ol' timey RH (of Bends/OKC) era to send themselves off into the sunset.


Why? because Thom said that he wants to be that particular live band similar to what they were in the late 90's.  No more studio trickery. What you heard live is what you get on the album.


It's promising.  It sounds like it's going to be a full swing whether anyone likes it or not but with RH, anything less than epic would be a disappointment.


The Live to Studio transformation has always been dramatic. We all could name a handful of it off the top of our heads.


I always thought the raw live version of IMBW was punchy but the studio version was sterile (still cool sounding as hell) and calculated.


Packt like Sardines live versus Studio was like two completely different songs.


Nobody expected harps on Kid A's  MPS but the sound was relevant to its current time period.       An OKC MPS would sound really out of place on the Anti-OKC album.


I've ranted enough. 

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radiohead will never make another album like the bends or ok computer.


they're all about trying new approaches, new sounds, new experiments.


that's what defines them as a band.


i dnt think theres too many revolutionary albums they have left in them but i hope thom at least does the whole electroafrobeat thing

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yeah sorta but im waiting on like more talking vocals instead of singing and backup girls and layered fela kuti build ups and like 20 min tracks

I would literally shit my pants if Thom ever went full AfroBeat. Just completely allow all bodily fluids to expediently exit my orifice.


But I don't see it happening now. They flirted with it during TKOL and AMOK. But now Thom seems more pre occupied with other sounds. TMB and AMSP don't really dip into Fela Kuti waters.


Thom just needs to hang out with Flea some more.

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