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Moon Shaped Pool v. King of Limbs

Moon vs King  

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  1. 1. Which album is better/more to your liking?

    • The King of Limbs
    • A Moon Shaped Pool
  2. 2. Which song(s) on Moon Shaped Pool are equal to/better than the best song(s) on King of Limbs?

    • Burn the Witch
    • Daydreaming
    • Decks Dark
    • Desert Island Disk
    • Ful Stop
    • Glassy Eyes
    • Identikit
    • The Numbers
    • Present Tense
    • Tinker... (tl;dr)
    • True Love Waits
  3. 3. Which song(s) on King of Limbs are equal to/better than the best song(s) on Moon Shaped Pool?

    • Bloom
    • Morning Mr Magpie
    • Little by Little
    • Feral
    • Lotus Flower
    • Codex
    • Give Up the Ghost
    • Separator

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i will never understand why people don't like the bends. i suspect it's because they didn't have a relationship with it in 1995 and are only hearing it from the future. in 1995 the bends was a great album. and it still is today.


whippersnappers better get off my lawn.

I adore it
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i will never understand why people don't like feral (or Pulk/Pull or Fitter Happier for that matter)

i will just listen to it and be happy that Radiohead still considers my taste when they make records. they always release something i'll like


poll not answered i don't really rank stuff that much or put things in order of best to less.


i do like feral though. a lot.

Fitter Happier is like my life and soul I am so obsessed with the (lyrics????) or whatever you might call them

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also I really love the bends too, but its so like 90s guitar rock-ish compared to what I'd consider their sound, not sure how to describe it. It's kinda like I almost don't associate it as being Radiohead because it's not better or worse than their other stuff, it's too different to compare (which is true of a lot of their albums)

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I agree with Feral and Push/Pulk. I love those tracks!! Feral is probably my favorite on King of Limbs. Also Fast Track from the bonus material on Amnesiac is a favorite of mine as well. I think I like Pool over Limbs but it's hard to rank their albums. I like all their stuff so really it depends on my mood. Pool is an album that sums Radiohead up. It has all their different flavors and styles all wrapped up. With the exception of rockers like Bodysnatchers or Electioneering.  

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Yeah tbh I'll be a little disappointed if they play with an orchestra this year. I want to hear what the five of them can do with this stuff. Possibly with Clive

If they have an orchestra, it's just going to be at their solo dates, there's no way they're going to play with one at festivals. You would think anyways

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Feral is odd. It really rules on some systems. Some playback systems is really meh. I think its that sub, if the speakers can't play it back, then you are fucked. Now go buy some hench ass woofers , m'lad. Stop listening to it on yer smartphone at the back of the bus.

Another weird mastering complaint i guess...

But hey i have the two disc vinyl too, so i shouldn't complain...particularly on this album loads of weird stuff pops out that you can't hear because it isn't crushed to heck anymore. (In Rainbows, OKC et. al. are just simply not crushed to heck though).... like i hated In Rainbows for a while, as it was just too 'close' sounding and constricted, and i had just learnt to drive so kept listening to music solely in my car, where squashed stuff sucks, as well as dynamic stuff.


>I don't get why TKOL is underrated though. 

>nor amnesiac, or HTTT

(i've just named my 3 favourite radiohead albums.)


If they had included those 4 extra singles that weren't on the album to make it a 12-track...no one would complain. (maybe not supercollider on second thoughts)

If they took 3 songs off HTTT so it was 11 tracks. No one could complain.

If amnesiac was just the second half of kid a double album, no one would say it was worse, just a second half of equal awesomeness. (that's how i always listened to it anyways).


*Ok i admit maybe they aren't the 3 favourite, but i'm not too keen on ranking stuff as much as some people on here. I'm not going to put on the bends when in  kid a mood...they are just different.

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I thought Feral was really cool live. They seemed to jam with it on stage. It morphed and changed quite a bit. That was exciting for those of us who saw many shows in a row.


But the TKOL argument is so fucking boring. Hardly anyone is saying the album is shit. Most people say it is not an upper echelon RH album, which is a very legit argument for a 35 minute dance record with a pony tail. It's the same reason comedies don't win the academy award for best picture. The dramas about slaves and the holocaust always win. It's no surprise and probably even fair.


So, yes, most of RH albums are better than TKoL. That doesn't mean it's bad. That doesn't mean you have to skip 3rd period and moan on here about how your first RH album doesn't get enough respect. Sorry not sorry. 


Now get off my lawn!!!!!!!!!!

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