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Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

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the way thom plays with his vocals in this song is what really struck me, even on first listening. all the little inflexions he changed from the live version.

At first I was confused with the intro/backing mumbling-vocals, but now I feel like it makes the song perfect

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I figured out what he sings in Identikit. I did some audacity stuff and made the backing vocals much louder.


He sings "a moon shaped pool, a moon shaped pool. I wanna know if you love/want/know me" (he switches between these three words)


nice work with the audacity stuff!

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By far the best review I've read so far (and retweeted by Colin today)

That was a brilliant read


the only thing I disagree on is that as much as this is a perfect headphone listen I think some of these tracks will blow our collective bollocks off live


...and also Feral is great

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Someone mentioned that this album is like going into the mountains in the Kid A cover - which is how Thom has perceived Amnesiac. (http://citizeninsane.eu/s2001-06Mojo.htm, ctrl+f 'Fuck knows') I get a lot of Amnesiac vibes from this album actually, the dense orchestral wooziness. If this alphabetical tracklisting really doesn't matter on AMSP, then I'm starting to wonder about the playlist possibilities. I've never got the OKC/IR thing, but I reckon there's definitely potential for  ​Amoonsiac Shaped Pool ​(sorrynotsorry).


I felt it was like walking out the forest from king of limbs and finding urban life and people, after some time of trying to live with them, its got that vibe but as if they've landed back on planet earth... like  a sudden realisation after dreaming about forests, ghosts and deserted natural places.. (c'mon it opens with a birdsong tape ripped from give up the ghost... which i always thought was there for some reason on that song, but definitely on this one...i was thinking this is the expected king of limbs part 2 people wanted in 2011, because it easily could have been, i don't think it could have been from kid a sessions at all)

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