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Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

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i still don't know why you can't just burn the stuff onto a cd with Nero or something!





Exactly, the 16bit WAVS are CD format so there should be no problem. If the 24bit WAVS are too big, download Reaper (gives you 60days free) and re-render each track at 16bit depth, with dither and the quality will not be affected.

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That's fine.

Ok here let me put it this way, I've never turned the bends on because I felt the need to listen to black star. It's usually those songs I've posted earlier.

Doesn't make it a bad song, I just think there are much more superior songs on that album. Black star just feels dated, I get the album is over 20 year old - but it feels mighty dated.

Street spirit though? Coldplays wet fucking dream.

I wonder how Coldplay feel about AMSP? Will they retire now?

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Yes, someone actually agrees with me on Black Star!  I always see people rip that song apart(along with most of the bends)....and it hurts me in my soul:)  Shortly after first 'discovering' rh(not counting creep) after becoming obsessed with the high and dry video as a 15 year old kid and getting the bends, Black Star became my song about teenage longing for love and heartbreak and all that crap you deal with....hormones and all.  still one of my favorite rh songs, though many others join it in that group.   the bends and okc are the heart and soul of my rh fandom, and these damn young kids won't stay of my lawn and keep trashing it!  lol.....abso-fucking-lutely love ahsp!

:lol:  HA I JUST SAID THAT!! (in another thread) :lol:


sort of...

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