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RDS Showgrounds Ireland 1997, Any interest?

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Hi there, until some years ago I was the only owner of footage of the full RDS 97 show in Dublin, recorded a week before the infamous Glastonbury show. I compiled it onto a DVD many years back and shared it with the Radiohub, I would be happy to share it here if anyone would fancy it, I also have the audio alone if anybody fancies that. Beware there is a Flac copy of my original tapes doing the rounds but the quality on them is completely un-listenable, my originals here are a big upgrade, still not perfect of course, let me know anyway and I'll be more than happy to upload a torrent of the DVD or the audio Album.


Many many thanks

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Yeah TPB is blocked by a lot of service providers, I can send you a link to the torrent itself if you want by email that way you dont have to log into the pirate bay just open the file with your torrent thingy (utorrent etc). Although it is worth seeing the torrent list on that site as there are dozens of concerts, I think there will be four more DVDs added and after that no more

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