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Can we have a Science & Paranormal forum?


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i googled cuba road today because i wanted to know what cuban roads looked like, most of the images were ghost story shots of cuba road in illinois 



. Cuba Road

creepy5.jpg?w=660Cuba Road sits nestled between the towns of Lake Zurich and Barrington, both upper and upper-middle class retreats. It is the setting of a plethora of paranormal phenomenon, including a phantom car (or cars), a pair of spectral lovers, and a vanishing house. A side street called Rainbow Road formerly had the distinction of being home to an abandoned mansion that some believed was an old asylum. Along Cuba Road sits White Cemetery, which author Scott Markus has referred to as the Bachelor’s Grove of the north-Chicago suburbs. This small, rectangular graveyard dates from the 1820s and its ghostlore concerns mysterious, hovering balls of light.



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does anyone here know why beds sometimes vibrate? like a little earthquake. nothing to do with sleep or altered states of mind. only one bed in the house, not the floor or area just the bed, multiple people saying omg it does shake randomly in the night when they sleep in it too. i wish i could remember. maybe something in the walls surrounding but its more fun to think its haunted

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MARTA stands for Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority and I was talking to Hannah who knows what I'm talking about when I say that.

there's not really a good catch all term for those type of trains cuz subway really means underground and then there's like the Chicago El which is short for elevated rail line, and Atlanta's switches back and forth between being at ground level, or up in the air or below ground so the shorthand is usually to just call it by the name of the system in a given city, which in Atlanta is marta



they have buses too but when I say I lived "near Marta" people from here would know I meant the tracks


Greyhound is likewise the name of a company that has bus routes between various cities in America



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