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Radiohead Tour 2016


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“Enormously endearing”

“On the sublime ‘Nude’, guitarist Jonny Greenwood hits the aforementioned bum note, and a baffled Yorke starts clowning around, folding his arms while the band restart the track. When Greenwood hits his note correctly on the second go, the crowd gives a huge cheer. It’s a real icebreaker moment. As the set goes on, Yorke loosens up more and more, to the point where he’s extracting actual belly-laughs from the 3,300-strong crowd. There’s a hilarious moment in the first encore when he responds to fans’ yelped song requests with a series of playful “No"s, each one accompanied by an affronted twitch: “No. No. NO. No. No. No. NO. No!”


Ahead of the final song, the unparalleled ‘Paranoid Android’, he says, “And finally, before your vegan kebab on the way home…” And during that song, hasty fans chant “Rain down” ahead of time and Yorke audibly tuts, joking, “Calm the fuck down”. Then there’s that unfashionable, self-aware “Not” joke: “If you stay here all night, we’ll play everything.” The crowd roars, and he adds “… Not.” Tonight, as a frontman, Yorke is enormously endearing.“

I love them I really do :')

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my love for thems gone dormant a ton and i cant say theyve made my fav album/song or whatever but i dont think i could ever let go of my -fan-ness for them even if they were to put out 3 terrible records in a row, its been so long, only video game music/certains smells tastes and nature gives me more nostalgia. i really really really dont want to ssee them at a festival  but i have a feeling ill impulsively work something out

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they played lisbon yesterday night


apparently, million dollar question was on the setlist but not played.

Hi all, just registered so I'd drop the setlist (NOS Alive festival in Lisbon):


Burn the Witch


Decks Dark

Desrt Island Disk

Ful Stop

My Iron Lung

Talk Show Host

Lotus Flower

The Gloaming

Exit Music

The Numbers



Everything in its Right Place



Street Spirit



Paranoid Android



There There



Karma Police


They did sort of a bridge between EIIRP and Idioteque, was pretty cool. And Thom did his guitar reprise thing that he often does in the end of Karma Police.

Never thought I'd see Street Spirit and Talk Show Host live. Made my day!!

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