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post the rarest radiohead song/record/memorabilia you own


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7TC is not very rare. Mint OG VHS rates maybe a 2. DVD is worth even less. a Mint OG VHS of 8 Television Commercials is worth considerably more, obviously, but it's hard to find outside of Japan.


same for Astoria. the VHS (assuming good condition) is worth very little and the DVD is worth even less.

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the hidden booklet is not very rare. also in the 2.0-2.5 range, although in recent years it's gotten a bit of a boost due to historical importance (predicting 9/11).


a few copies of Kid A actually came with two hidden booklets (not different ones, just a factory error), and those are very rare. however, because they're so easy to counterfeit, they only have any value if they're unopened. the test to determine if a SS OG CD pressing of Kid A has two booklets is extremely expensive, but well worth it if you end up with one.

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I told you it wasn't rare <_<

It was pretty awesome though cuz it was the first radiohead item i actually bought rather than burned, and I didn't realize it had a secret booklet until years later when my bf suggested I check. Pretty cool, wouldn't have happened if I hadn't bought it used!

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