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ur typical RH fan (according to the uk gov)

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as you can see, the government is profiling fans of various bands. airport security will never be the same.


according to that website, these are some of the things that differentiate radiohead fans from the gen pop:


favourite dishes: vegetarian thali, burritos, couscous

most likely pet: cat

general interests: science, video games, music

describes himself as: alternative, individualistic, imaginative; but on occasion procrastinating, withdrawn, nerd.

enjoys: the smiths, blur, a clockwork orange, pulp fiction, spaced, john peel



this is just some of the stuff in that website.


agree? disagree? which mter is the most typical rh fan? and will they put us all in separate schools because ofour love for vegetarian thali??



edit: i'm an idiot. yougov is a market research company. lolzer. i thought this was some sort of national statistics bureau, but it's like, for advertisers to know where to advertise. feel free to mess up with the data by taking part and pretending to be bjork-loving right-wing extremists

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"favorite movies: Pulp Fiction, A Clockwork Orange, Donnie Darko"

"favorite brands: Converse, Uniqlo"

"favorite bands: The Cure, Nirvana, The Smiths"


and I have a cat....


Im done.  I'll just send this link to the next person who wants to know me. 

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funny that fans of seinfeld the tv show are apparently very right-leaning, but jerry seinfeld fans very much lean to the left haha. obv this can be explained by tiny sample sizes. on categories where there are 1000 plus people, the results might actually be substantive. :) nice website, thanks yougov!

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"how often do you change your bed sheets?"




"Please enter your gender"


smh,.. people and their binaries. 

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