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Songs BPMs for synchronizing

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Is there any place to find precise BPM numbers for Radiohead songs? Specially the ones from Kid A. Or else, some musical analysis on the tempo oscillations from that album?


Here's the deal: I have a Radiohead cover band and we've been invited to perform Kid A in its entirety during a projection of Nosferatu (the 1922 film). So synchronicity to the visuals is key. And I've been trying to create a audio project with cue and metronome for us to guide ourselves, but it's been pretty useless because most songs just won't stick to any usual BPM.



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I've tried a few of them, to no avail. Some of the tracks, such as HTDC and Optimistic, were probably recorded without click tracks so their BPMs are not fixed.


But anyway, thanks all for the help. 


Everything - 82.28

Kid A - 112.94

Tha National Anthem - 91.49

How to dissapear - 102.19

Treefingers - 134.84

Optimistic - 157.95

In Limbo - 89.23

Idioteque - 137.55

Morning bell - 94.74

Motion picture - 119.58


Thanks! I'll try these.

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