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Tommy Gun Angel

MT Drawing Challenge. New Theme: "A Secret"

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i think i preferred the untouched scan!

yeah I mean I just love the texture made by colored pencils on paper. I didn't notice the specks in the background till they were pointed out and lord knows my picture has a million imperfections that I wish I could fix but I'm not too bothered cuz overall yall validated my color choice etc :]

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so, who's gonna participate this week?


you will be assigned a partner and then proceed to pick one song you want them ("him/her" for dolly) to translate into a drawing by the end of next week. i will announce the pairings on sunday.


list of people who've shown interest so far:


-rose ocean


-dead pigeon

-drowning girl

-love detective?

-shep proudfoot?





gon do some personalized advertising in a bit

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i recommend viewing rose ocean's drawing in a new window/tab.

this is super unfinished but i kind of lost my motivation -- might work on it some more someday




the dying black swan


foppe and i wanted to make an animation for this song a few years ago


anyway, this sketch is kind of like the same idea/imagery as what we were planning to do. i always felt that the boy/setting in the idea was russian for some reason -- i kind of envisioned it in the style of an aleksandr petrov film



Sorry I suck at making challenges put me in time out if you want :L




i'd like to call this drawing: "Holidays in Siberia". i'm sorry it took me so long, i don't really trust my coloring skills : /





we've got five year (plans)



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^also mutsy


i'm really late but here it is. half a piss poor take on russian icon paintings, half a russian i know/love/comes first to mind when i think of russia. it was a difficult theme



this is great <3 I was regretting not being able to do an icon inspired drawing myself since I already had an idea in mind im so glad you did it :')

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