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wow, i guess the old thread got lost... so i'll start a new one :)


here fuzi0n:






that's the full-size version of my sig... ignore the smudges, that was on my scanner (charcoal from a previous scanning)... so, see, camille, it's NOT a teddy bear... hehe.

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made a list of my Super Right Ons today basically just doodles of things i really like-- click here for bigger

No one's posted here in a rather long time...hm...       Just a silly little something.

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oh, well, i don't think i have anything on my computer that are charcoal... except a thing i did for the write/draw thread. all the first things are quill and ink drawings. then they are shitty bic pen doodles :) . i can see if i can scan something i have in my sketchbook... but i doubt it's anything worthwhile.

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ah, my favorite one (and the last one). see when i was at governor's school, i went to the student center and they had a selection of cd's..... and bam, hail to the thief was on the rack. i had to buy it, of course. and so when i first listened to it, i fell in love with sail to the moon. i think that's why this one looks the best. i was more inspired. such a beautiful song.

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oh wow! the sit down stand up one and sail to the moon are my two favorites of yours! great job! Also they are two of my favorite songs from HTTT.


oh, well, i'm just that good; i looked into the future to see what your favorite httt songs were, then i drew em the best on purpose. yes, that's the ticket...

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